FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have gluten free options?

We definitely have some gluten free options. However, we are not a gluten free facility. We prefer the term “gluten sensitive”. If someone has a severe allergy, we are currently unable to fully accommodate. If someone has a dietary preference and would like a gluten free option, we can accommodate.

Anything from Avo-Poké is gluten free, except for croutons, ramen snack, and the pokes themselves as they have soy sauce and that is a derivative of wheat/gluten. So that is a dietary issue. Our dressings are gluten free other than the soy/sesame dressing. We do not have a gluten free soy sauce in house.

The tacos from Barrio Luchador are gluten free as our tortillas are made with corn. The burritos we serve in the morning are made with flour tortillas that do have gluten.

Burger Brawler does not have a gluten free bun option. Guests can get anything without a bun if they prefer. The French fries are gluten free, but they are fried in the same oil as other items containing flour. So if it’s an allergy we cannot accommodate. The two types of gravies used on the fries contain flour.

Crosta is not recommended. There is no gluten free pizza option and there is a flour floating in the air as we make our dough from scratch. Guests can get the Pork Sunday Gravy or the Meat & Cheese Board without crostini, but again, there is a flour in the air.

Baguette Epicerie has some options: The Smoothie Bowl without granola/wheat germ and Mushroom Artichoke soup as is. Any sandwich or toast without bread. However, Baguette’s main staple is bread itself.